This NEW WORLD AGREEMENT is a Platform by which all people of the world can agree to a NEW PARADIGM of cooperation, and abundance for all life. Everyone’s vote counts no matter your age. We all learn the truth, and choose to live by the truth. The truth is … we must all have our dignity or we don’t survive the course we are on.

'Now is the time for the people of all lands to unite to free humanity, and create a sustainable, healthy world for all life to thrive.'

”We the People of planet earth are gathered here on the Internet, to sign this Agreement, and give every Human on the Planet full choice on how to live in harmony as diverse communities and cultures, and live in autonomy as individuals. This is Not an Agreement for communism, socialism, or structured democracy. This Agreement is for freedom, security, dignity, and abundance for all life.  

​We agree that Nature has the same rights as human beings. We agree to afford our planet full recovery from mans ravaging. We agree that intense, intimate cooperation across all continents is essential to reviving our planet’s life systems, interior, surface, atmosphere, space, and waters. We agree to afford, and give every human dignity, security, and abundance from birth till passing. We agree that all of life is free upon request; health care, education, shelter, clothing, food, water, transportation, communication, recreation, and everything not mentioned … always free. 

​We agree that no medium of exchange like money, minerals, or profiteering will be used, or recognized as value, or used to prejudice each others value. Every human is given what they need, require, and desire. We agree that equality is the source of all wisdom. We agree where conflict or poverty occurs of any kind the immediate community will realize its resolve. We agree to no policing or penalties. In severe or perverse situations humane detainment respectfully brings the matter to correction. We agree to never torture life.

​We agree to no laws, and no representative governing of any kind. We agree to not organize. No heads of state or bureaucrats of any kind. No politics. No borders. No courts. No military of any kind. We agree to stop all aggression and dismantle all offensive weapons and war machines. We agree to no passports. No personal identification. No licenses.

We the people task the experts in all fields of life around the world, to cooperate across all continents, to inform and educate the people without prejudice, so that everyone can choose from self empowering truth filled knowledge, in hopes of benevolent and wise intent for all matters, and considerations. 

​We agree to implement solutions that maintain harmony with nature while providing dignity for all life! In cooperation, present infrastructures will be maintained until we create natural systems to replace hydro-carbon/fossil fuels, nuclear fission, coal, fracking, all non bio-degradable materials, elements, and chemicals. We agree to use hemp, hydrogen, cold fusion, the torus, solar, and other natural technologies as fast as we realize our ability to implement them.

​In global cooperation, we agree to convert military personnel, engineering, technology, and equipment, to recover the infrastructures, revive ecosystems, and create plumbing, water, energy, and food production systems for those without. In cooperation, we work and serve locally. We agree to re-purpose all waste, use minimal packaging, and naturalize ways of production, distribution, and transportation. 

​This Agreement signifies willingness to forgive all transgressions, and cooperate; to live and let live. By signing this New World Agreement we choose to be responsible for all matters local and Global for the well being of all life on Earth. The military as peacekeepers protect individual’s FREEWILL choice to walk out of enslavement into a new world of global peace, and coherence, as billions of people transition into individual freedom, and abundance for all life. 

​We in-vision a Mind and Heart Shift Globally or a ‘critical mass’ of signatures to be Declaration Day … and on that Day ... every man, woman, child Declares their sovereignty! On that Day, humanity reclaims this Earth Garden as our birth right and together begin anew!

Signing this New World Agreement allows us to ‘collectively’ pull back from the brink, preserve Consciousness in physicality as individuals, and cooperate to restore our home planet.

To agree, click the 'I Agree' button under the GOLD ARROW below. Then ‘activate’ the New World Agreement by passing it along. Print a copy of our New World Agreement or copy and paste it into your own document, to read from time to time, and share with others.